Look after your products. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Use spatula and clean hands when handling your product’s, to avoid contamination. store below 29 degree Celcius. Shelf life is up to two years depending on product line.

Note: Products contain essential Oils and extracts if you are prone to have allergy or reactions please do allergy test before using any products from the ”Baji” range.

No returns or liability will be accepted for inappropriate handling and storing of the products.

We reserve the right to change our formulations where and when required, we reserve the right to change our packaging where and when appropriate.

Into Naturals Australia will cooperate with any purchasing queries of Baji products if neccessary. We will not take responsibility for products that may be damaged due to incorrect storage and handling, do not have batch numbers, or have batch numbers that do not coinside or cannot be traced to our log books.