Baji and Into Naturals Australia incorporate a unique signature of natural active ingredients, with access to some the purest and highest quality ingredients in the world, Inspired by a land with the one of the world’s oldest eco systems, Australia. This natural oasis has some of the oldest and most diverse landscapes with an abundance of unique plants like the native Australian Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Quandong are known to have superior nutrient properties. Nature‚Äôs most powerful super-nutrients are carefully selected and combined by Baji to create skincare that gives your skin what it needs most.

We provide skincare solutions formulated with natural active ingredients and certified Organic. Our blend delivers an abundance of super nutrient ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Ingredients that are precisely formulated and blended to deliver an antioxidant boost that serve as a cofactor in supporting your skins rejuvenating process. At Baji we create products that are safe, effective, gentle and caring, for you, your skin and the environment.
Over the past two decades the organic and natural industry has developed tremendously and managed to stand on its own two feet as one of the most reputable professional industries that exist. The increasing consumer and manufacturer awareness and consumer demand has led to the existence of certifying groups such as the ACO to help implement standards and procedures that ensure a genuine finished product. Into Naturals Australia has worked hand in hand with such industries to bring you the Baji range of skincare by Into Naturals Australia.
Into Naturals Australia and Baji is proudly Australian made and owned. Our products are manufactured in Sydney, having facilities so close to our headquarters allows us to maintain superior quality and standards. We take tremendous pride in creating products that deliver visible results and provide outstanding customer service.

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